University Square @ Seri Iskandar

霹雳 ● 斯里依斯干達

University Square

Resident Population

The undisputed commercial location of choice


周邊均是住戶流動高及商業活動繁忙地區,方便前往市中心。所有的商舖均朝向車水馬龍的怡保 – 紅土坎高速公路。周邊均是發展成熟和人口龐大地區。


斯里依斯干達(Seri Iskandar)為學生提供了一個獨特的教育區域,除了原有居民之外,每個新學期都會帶來眾多講師,公務員和學生。Majlis Daerah Perak Tengah調查顯示,住宅單位數量穩步增加,以迎合這一地區不斷增長的人口。

Located at the gateway of the Seri Iskandar, the seat of higher education of Perak, the development is adjacent to landmark Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and enjoys ample connectivity and modern infrastructure.

A vibrant local and international population of educators, scholars, civil servants and families, Seri Iskandar is an inspirational and harmonious location of both resident and revolving population catchment.

University Square located in the heart of the education hub of the town. Being directly adjacent to UTP and surrounded with other pristine higher education facilities such as IKBN, Kolej Professional and MARA, Seri Iskandar is regarded as the education seed of Malaysia, with endless possibilities for vast expansion.

A township development with both residential and commercial components, the development offers modern integrated lifestyles in a township setting.

Our 2,000ft frontage project is located on the main connecting highway between both Lumut highway and Ipoh Highway which shows the accessibility to up north and down south Malaysia.

The unique education catalyst offered by Seri Iskandar creates a unique revolving turntable of students which renews every semester in addition to the established population of lecturers, civil servants and residents in this location. Majlis Daerah Perak Tengah surveys show a steady increase in the number of residential units to cater to the growing population in this location.

256,503 Population Catchment
Combination of revolving student catchment, lecturers, civil servants and established residents.

Matured Surroundings
Mature developed surroundings with immediate proximity to established residential catchment, district offices, commercial hubs etc.

High Traffic Impact
28,237 traffic impact along ILE, 83% increase in traffic volume from 2011 – 2015, superb natural internal and external traffic flow with immediate accessibility to the University Teknologi Petronas in the immediate vicinity.

Highly Accessible To Neighboring Townships
Smooth accessibility via the toll free ILE.

Infrastructure Ready
All utilities including modern road traffic systems, electricity, water, drainage, telecommunication, road systems etc ready for tapping.

Seri Iskandar Land Utilisation

Resident Population

距離斯里依斯干達Distance from Seri Iskandar 總人口*
Total Population *
Perak Tengah (includes Bota dan Seri Iskandar
實兆遠 Sitiawan 40km 123,326
居民總人口 Total resident population 遠至 Up to 40km 230,669
學生總人口 Total revolving student population 鄰近 Immediate 25,834
總人口 TOTAL POPULATION 遠至 Up to 40km 256,503

University Square @ Seri Iskandar
2 Storey Shop/Office

  • Size: 20′ x 70′
  • Tenure:
  • 規格: 20′ x 70′
  • 任期:

Features & Facilities

  • 2 storey design
  • 設計: 2層店鋪

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