University Square @ Seri Iskandar

256,503 Population Catchment
Combination of revolving student catchment, lecturers, civil servants and established residents.

Matured Surroundings
Mature developed surroundings with immediate proximity to established residential catchment, district offices, commercial hubs etc.

High Traffic Impact
28,237 traffic impact along ILE, 83% increase in traffic volume from 2011 – 2015, superb natural internal and external traffic flow with immediate accessibility to the University Teknologi Petronas in the immediate vicinity.

Highly Accessible To Neighboring Townships
Smooth accessibility via the toll free ILE.

Infrastructure Ready
All utilities including modern road traffic systems, electricity, water, drainage, telecommunication, road systems etc ready for tapping.

Seri Iskandar Land Utilisation

Resident Population

Distance from Seri Iskandar Total Population *
Perak Tengah (includes Bota dan Seri Iskandar Immediate 107,343
Sitiawan 40km 123,326
Total resident population Up to 40km 230,669
Total revolving student population Immediate 25,834
TOTAL POPULATION Up to 40km 256,503

University Square @ Seri Iskandar
1 & 2 Storey Shop/Office

  • Size: 20′ x 70′
  • Tenure:
  • 規格: 20′ x 70′
  • 任期:

Features & Facilities

  • 1 and 2 storey design
  • 設計: 1層及2層店鋪

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