Manor Born

Revel in the luxurious lifestyles hidden away in nature’s embrace. Located minutes from every amenity, Green Planet Living @ Tambun Road, Ipoh is nature’s enviously guarded address set against the verdant Tambun Hills.

2 & 3-storey mansions
Optimum 6-tier security system

Resort inspired facilities​

GAIA Series – 70’ X 88’  or 77’ X 88’
3-Storeys Bungalows with basement


NATURE Series – 70’ X 88’  or 77’ X 88’
2-Storeys Bungalows


Surrounded in lush flora and captivating panoramas of emerald green, be embraced by the artistry of nature’s hand.

Gentle wisps of morning dew welcome every morning, shade found under every rain tree, music brought to life through birdsong all under the watchful gaze of the 250-million-year-old mountain range.


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