Suffana @ Ipoh South Precinct

All New Concept – Basementology
“Creating space where there was none”
What is Basementology?
Space creation for every family member
• Creating space for your every need from day one
• No costly extensions needed
• Providing space for every member of the family
• More privacy : Elevated living hall, dining room and kitchen away from prying eyes
• Intimate spaces : Safe within the confines of the basement
• Unique : Versatile applications adaptable for every lifestyle
• Ultimate value : Three levels of living space for the price of a conventional 2 storey house
The crème-de-la-crème of the award winning Ipoh South Precinct township – Suffana is the epitome of luxury and space. This palatial basement concept creates an extraordinary space for the enjoyment of every member of the family.
In addition to the one of a kind basement concept which offers unlimited opportunities and applications, the opulent finishes and grand spaces within Suffana are designed to accommodate the modern lifestyles of its residents.
  • Located at the Highest Ground Point with the best Feng Shui
  • Guarded Community with Perimeter Fencing and 24-hours Patrolling Security
  • Easy Accessibility and Walking Distance to TF Value Mart, Restaurants, Groceries Shops, etc

全新概念 – 地下室獨創
• 解決空間不足的問題
• 解決未來擴建的煩惱
• 擁有足夠空間讓您一家大小住在一起
• 打造成多種用途的空間: – 遊戲廳,書廳等等
• 更多私隱: – 地下室設計能夠讓您擁有在家應有的私隱
• 3層空間,但是只需2層屋的價錢

6 Rooms 卧房 | 5 Bathrooms 浴室 | 3 Halls 起居厅 | 2 Kitchens 廚房

  • Type : Residential
  • Tenure : Freehold + Virgin Land
  • Land area : 42′ x 80′ / 50′ x 80′
  • Completion Status: Completed with CCC Obtained
  • 房產類型: 住宅
  • 保有期: 永久地契,原封實土
  • 規格: 42′ x 80′ / 50′ x 80′
  • 項目完工日期: 完成 (以獲得入伙紙

Features & Facilities

Spacious sidewalk for side by side jogging
Guarded enclave with guardhouse and 24-hour patrolling security
Shaded landscape areas
Park benches for recreational enjoyment
Outdoor exercise facilities for the entire family
Priceless for Eternal
Ample bedrooms for the entire family
A comfortable family room for all gatherings
A master bedroom worthy of the highest nobles
5 years maintenance fees waived (T&C apply)
近距離購物廣場 – 同發霸級市場 (TF Hypermart)
交通方便,商店林立,深齋獨中,Padang Gajah華小,Fairview國際學校
10分鐘可抵達上環18 Aeon, Tesco

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