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In business - location is everything

As the economy continues to recover, businesses are quickly adapting to change, to become more competitive and more reachable to their customer base.

The importance of location and accessibility is key to the success of any enterprise. While online shopping has become a norm for many businesses, ownership of a physical address of business is just as important in a market where the ability to provide goods and services as efficiently as possible is a prime factor.

location concept design, vector illustration eps10 graphic
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Throughout the MCO and even in this recovery stage the value of properties has continued to hold true and is the investment option of choice in a market of drastically reduced fixed deposit interest rates.

In buying a property, business operators and investors enjoy fixed monthly repayments, low interest rates and the flexibility of refinancing the commercial property in future all of which tenants paying monthly rent do not enjoy.

In choosing the perfect commercial property to purchase key factors to look out for include:

1. Accessibility & Visibility

An easily accessible location with high visibility are plus points for any property. Commercial locations that enjoy unhindered main road frontage and ease of access are better able to attract customers and command better property values.

2. Mature and established address

A mature and established address puts your business in the hotspot of commercial viability – ready to tap into the needs of the population in the immediate vicinity.

3. Neighbouring Catalysts

Close proximity to neighbouring catalysts such as hypermarkets, shopping malls, schools or universities, hospitals etc boosts foot traffic of your business.

4. Tailor made for your business

Purpose built properties offering advantageous features such as dual frontage or added ceiling height for example offers the competitive edge to help businesses grow.

5. Good rental yield and property appreciation

Whether purchasing for your own use or as an investment property, centrally located commercial properties are able to command good rental returns and property appreciation – making it the smart choice now and into the future.

The time to invest in your own business is now.
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