iHub Factory @ Menglembu

An iconic development concept, the ipark series of light industrial semi-d represents the next generation in industrial property development. A fine tuned design, elegant features and central locations makes these ipark developments truly one of a kind.
ihub is the largest centrally located integrated light industrial address, within the industrial district of Menglembu. Team Keris Berhad prides itself as the pioneers of this unique development providing one of the first 1 storey semi-d factory in Perak with multi-functional 5 in 1 development. The success and demand for ihub led to subsequent installments of this modern development in various locations within Perak with upgraded features catering to versatile applications, workers quarters, rainwater harvesting systems and extra space for the convenience of all applications.

iHub坐落於萬里望輕工業區,也是該區的商業與工業中心點,TKB作為業務發展先驅,推行了霹靂州第一項以單層半獨立式廠房,並以5和1多功能概念建設開發。 iHub坐落於萬里望輕工業區,也是該區的商業與工業中心點,TKB作為業務發展先驅,推行了霹靂州第一項以單層半獨立式廠房,並以5和1多功能概念建設開發。為了迎合新生代工業需求,iHub建設與升級了許多功能項目,如增加雨水收集系統、工人宿舍和額外的空間,以供後續發展之用。

Landmark Gated & Guarded Industrial Township Concept In Perak
圍籬與保安設備 ● 商業及工業廠房

  • Type : Factory
  • Tenure : 99-year Leasehold
  • 類型: 工業廠房
  • 任期: 租賃

Features & Facilities

Impressive ceiling height, 30 ft extra high ceiling for racking, storage & machinery.
The modern concept in the market, 16ft motorized roller shutter for ease of lorry and forklift loading and unloading.
Practical Layout, spacious exterior land ease parking , storage and warehousing.
The finest security system, 24 hours patrolling security, cctv and alarm system ready installed.
Breakthrough pioneering design, rainwater harvesting system, the workers quarters.
Versatile applications, suitable for multiple industries including manufacturing, packaging, warehousing & storage, office, showroom etc.


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