i-Hub 3 @ Menglembu



颠覆传统商业用途的限制, 扩大适合更多行业的范围!
涵盖所有店铺适合的零售或批发生意及所有轻工业行业, 更适合加工, 包装及无烟工业, 打造时下最潮的由厂房变身的时尚咖啡馆, 西餐厅, 酒吧,甚至GYM, 室内机动游戏场, 其它室内娱乐场…
大数据时代的来临,人工智能科技(AI)是未来的趋势,商业界是需要科技和生产来推动发展, 故此, 货仓式厂房是现在热卖及未来投资者关注项目。零GST催谷买气, 投资者应趁政府还没有任何宣布关于销售税的调整的空档期把握这难逢机会, 因为单位有限!
全面发挥店铺内部高度灵活空间, 打造业主最注重的地面层空间更宽阔, 楼上设有办事处, 或充作员工宿舍, 设计比一般厂房更透风, 完全採纳自然光线,节省电源。

Newest Business Concept – A factory & shoplot merge into ONE!

We aim to bridge the barrier between a single minded business concept and combine the
business operations of a factory and shoplot together.
Suitable for all business types, including but not limited to wholesale businesses, manufacturing, production, and more! Can also operate as a café, gym, indoor entertainment etc.
Catering to every business owner’s needs – optimum usage of space! Top floor can be used as a home office or worker’s quarters! Optimum ventilation with lots of natural sunlight – reducing utility charges!

Industry | Store | Office | Showroom

  • Size: 40′ x 70′ x 30′
  • 規格: 40′ x 70′ x 30′

Features & Facilities

  • 3相大电
  • 30尺高度
  • 5套14尺高电动捲门
  • 14尺高 x 20尺阔铁大门
  • 坚固结构,更有效防盗
  • 可供出租以獲取更高回酬
  • 24小時保安巡邏服務
  • 3 phased electric circuits
  • 30 feet in height
  • 5 motor powered roller shutter
  • 14 x 20 ft barrier
  • High quality materials, very secured.


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