Development Process

Property development process

Creating real value in property and places.

This ensures “ownership” by the TKB team, and avoids the issue of external resources not delivering on time or to specifications.

Because TKB owns the assets it develops, customers are assured that developments are of the highest standards. Our success is also based on our integrated approach, and our ability to manage numerous and interrelated activities efficiently and within timeframes, from environmental issues to contracts and building contractors. Our unmatched research department is an important key to bringing the right unit mix to any proposed development. Once that is established, a huge effort is commenced with the developer, the architect, and our team to bring to the market exactly what buyers are looking for.

In addition, TKB’s focus on people allows us to hire and retain the best specialists required to support our property development activities.

Making realty dreams a reality

Team Keris Berhad’s in-house development teams are responsible for all aspects of the property development process including:

Land Acquisition Process

Feasibility Study
Opportunity Identification
Initial Planning
Legal Discussions
Land Acquisition

Project Planning & Design

Architecture & Engineering Outsourcing
Design Management
Financing Arrangements

Construction Management

Construction Supervision
Quality Control
Completion Of Inspection
Landscaping & Fixture Installation
Legal Discussions
Land Acquisition

Sales & Marketing

Customer Financing

After Sales Service

Registration Assistance
Feedback Collection
Property Management
Regular Internal & External Inspection
Construction Tracking


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