Corporate Culture

DNA of the company

Redevelopment expertise

Team Keris Berhad’s modus operandi originated from specializing in redeveloping distressed developments The Group’s focus has always been to recognise and optimise the property values embedded in a delinquent land or development to realise its true values. With multiple clients and numerous completed projects in its repertoire the Group is often sought by landowners, corporations and local authorities to address and develop distressed and undervalued properties in the country.

Tapping into its wide knowledge base, the strategy of the Group is to position itself to acquire land at minimum exposure prior to the settlement of the prevailing ailments of the project, to resolve the existing issues on the land and to capitalise on the improved values of the land post clean-up. The Group focuses on real estate specializing in investing in distressed properties and undervalued assets for property development with high returns. The Group’s 27 years in depth experience in negotiating low entry costs, redevelopment and adding value to such projects has to date compiled a highly successful portfolio. Known as the redevelopment specialist, the Group has an experienced legal, planning and development team in place to thoroughly comprehend and analyse each asset prior to acquisition.

Multiple runway launches

With the resources and skills required to run multiple projects simultaneously, the Group provides society with a range of products catering to categories of various price ranges.

Creating landmark integrated development and townships

The Group specializes in the creation of landmark township developments; complementing components that increase values symbiotically whilst providing residents with the ultimate luxury of convenience and realization of investment values.

Pioneers in design concepts

Always pushing boundaries with creation of unique space utilization; basement concept homes, roof top homes, extended balconies and many more exciting creations to come.


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