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Station 18 sits at the Ipoh South region, and it is the biggest and most premier commercial and retail hub, facing the most accessible and the most cars that passes by at the highway beside Station 18. Station 18 caters from International Outstanding Brands to local best brands, starting with one of the largest AEON shopping mall nationwide alongside some of the nation’s most notable brands including Tesco (the largest in Perak and one of the largest in the country), world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Nando’s Ltd., Dragon-I, and world’s renown pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s Pizza, all established here in the centre of Station 18. There is also big local brand names such as, the café that has now an international name with it, Secret Recipe, M Boutique, ABC Pet Store, DOBI Laundry Bar, 24-hours Mamak Store, PASARAYAKU market, combine with banks etc. On top of all that, there are over 190 different more varieties of business set up stores here operating day and night, with all the brands and businesses operating in Station 18, it has also creates an ample parking space of over 10,000 bays. Station 18 has all the requirements to create the most generalized services and most diversified businesses to cater operators and purchasers.
Welcoming 512,000 population surrounding Station 18 needing to buy daily amenities. There will also be an all-new design and concept condominium development in the near future to cater even more populations that would love to stay in the most convenient location. Day till night, Station 18 has become the food of heaven, night market and restaurants are filled with people every night, increasing the chances of business opportunities! Nightlife is wild and full of youngsters ready to hunt down the best and unique cuisines in Station 18 for a tasteful night. Very limited 2 & 3 storey AEON shops will be available as we newly release main road frontage shops for you to grab hold of this opportunity to create your very own business empire! First come first serve basis for main road frontage shops.
Catering to the 512,000 populations in its vicinity with a vibrant nightlife, Station 18 has become the haven for eateries, restaurants and night markets, offering ample opportunities for those who are looking at tapping into a populous catchment to start or expand their businesses.
We currently offer limited, newly released two-storey and three-storey AEON shops with main road frontage on a first-come-first-served basis.
Now with all-new main road frontage station 18 shops, why here?

  • Pre-1996 original pricing
  • We maintain developer pricing
  • Developer’s newly release units
  • Absolutely no increased prices
  • Purchase directly from developer, no agent/broker’s fee
  • Market price for a 2 storey shop will be around RM870,000*, at Station 18 2 storey shop the price will only be RM420,000*, you can buy 2 Station 18 shops that will only cause you 1 normal 2 storey shop in the market, only from developer pricing you can get with that kind of value.
Contact us for more information at 019- 701 2222 / 019 – 703 2222/ 05- 242 7000
* Terms and conditions apply and for selected unit only.
* Promotion valid from 18-07-2017 to 17-08-2017

上環18是位於怡保南部最大最旺盛商業區域,面向著全怡保車輛出入及駛用最多的大和園大路。在上環18的經營商包含著國際認可的品牌,包括有全馬其中一個最大間的Aeon購物廣場,Tesco霸級市場,還有全球最大的快餐連鎖店~麥當勞(McDonald’s),肯德基(KFC),必勝客(Pizza Hut),Nando’s Ltd., 龍的傳人(Dragon-i) 以及國際披薩連鎖店~達美樂披薩(Domino’s Pizza)。本地出名品牌包括已打出國際名堂的咖啡店·Secret Recipe Cakes & Café, 著名設計式酒店~M Boutique,ABC寵物連鎖店,DOBI全家洗衣店,24小時馬來風味餐館,PASARAKU雜貨連鎖店,以及多間銀行等等。今時已有超過190間多元化商業日夜經營,眾多品牌聚集於上環18,停車位數量高達10,000個!讓這個發展區域成為了全怡保能夠提供最全面化的服務及多元化購物中心!未來也會有龐大的最嶄新時尚的公寓發展項目建立在上環18這個已非常成熟成功發展項目上進行最後階段發展,讓上環18更加人群稠密。上環18現在已經成為一個早晚旺盛的最強商業地帶!為我們所有的經營商提供充足的消費能力,同時也是提供512,000人口更多選擇購買心儀物品,提高他們的生活質素。現在由早至午夜,上環18都是食客的天堂,夜市大量消費群,增加無限商機!夜色闌珊,都依然人群湧湧,食家全城出擊尋找上環18的獨特美食!非常有限面對大路邊Aeon 3層旺舖,只等您來擁有!先到先得!限量2層,3層,及4層旺舖現在開放!

  • 保持1996年新建時段原價
  • 發展商最新開放單位
  • 絕對沒有提高價錢,低過現在市價
  • 無需通過中間人,直接和發展商划算購買
  • 節省經濟費,比二手店鋪更低價
  • 市價普通2層商舖價錢約RM870,000,在上環18旺舖現在與發展商購買只需RM420,000*,等於即賺RM450,000*!買2間上環18旺舖等於1間普通2層商舖的價錢!
* 需附帶規定條例及指定單位,優惠只限於 18-07-2017 至 17-08-2017


Features & Facilities

  • Type : 2 and 3 Storey Shop Offices
  • Land area : 20′ x 70′ / 22′ x 70′
  • Over 512,000 population
  • Mature residential and commercial catchment
  • In the middle of the largest mainstream retailers – AEON JUSCO & TESCO
  • Established banks, franchise F&B’s, petrol stations and businesses in this location
  • Fully developed site
  • Sandwiched between one of the largest & when respectively opened
  • Surrounded by completely built up commercial and residential catchment
  • Infrastructure ready
  • Located in the most populated suburb in Ipoh

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4 Storey Shop (20’x70’)
Selling price range from RM 1,391,600
Available: 2 units

3 Storey Shop (22’x70’)
Selling price range from RM 1,050,000
Available: 4 units

2 Storey Shop (22’x70’)
Selling price range from RM 442,800
Available: 4 units


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