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Located at the confluence of the Ipoh-Lumut Highway and Jalan Jelapang, Jelapang Square is the retail and commercial hotspot of Western Ipoh. Taking advantage of the surrounding established local and international population, the site is also located at the doorstep of Jelapang’s hi-tech industrial zone tapping into the unique residential and commercial catchment in this location. With hypermarkets, drive-thru’s and other franchisers signed even before the completion of construction – Jelapang Square is the commercial address of Western Ipoh.
Located at the busiest main intersection of Ipoh-Lumut Highway & Jalan Jelapang makes Jelapang Sq. the centre of commercial attraction. Unrivalled frontage of 2,600 ft as well as constant transient traffic from the 2 main trunk roads provides steady stream of commercial vibrancy. This commercial hub is designed to service the established 239,000 residents in this location and its surrounding townships of First Garden, Silibin, Meru Valley, Menglembu and etc.
Confirmation from well-known international and local retailers, Food & Beverage magnates proves Jelapang Sq. is the 1st choice location for any commercial ventures. This vibrant commercial address now boasts the latest signing of the FIRST Starbucks Drive Thru in Perak, The signing of Econsave’s latest hypermarket as another anchor tenant. Other components of this integrated commercial hub consists of a food court, Golf Hotel, and IT/medical hub.

位於怡保 – 紅土坎大道與九洞路的匯合處, 九洞廣場怡保西區的零售和商業集中地。以此密集的人口優勢和發展趨勢,以及附近的高科技工業區、商業、購物廣場與住戶流動和繁華,因此“九洞廣場”建設在怡保西區商業活動繁忙的“九洞”。
根據數據資料證實,會有更多國外的投資者前來九洞區進行投資活動,例如,知名的品牌零售商、食品商和品牌飲料等等,這足以證明投資”九洞廣場”將是一個明智的最​​佳抉擇。而著名咖啡連鎖店“星巴克”將在此簽署營業,也是全霹靂州第一家擁有”驅車駛入Drive Thru服務“的星巴克,“宜康省”超級市場,其它陸續開設的有 – 舊街場白咖啡、美食廣場、高爾夫酒店和IT/醫療中心。

Strategic Commercial Hub Ideal Business District
九洞廣場商業區 – 最具發展潛能產業

  • Size: 22′ x 70′
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • Completion Status: Completed with CCC Obtained
  • 規格: 22′ x 70′
  • 任期:  租賃
  • 項目完工日期: 完成 (以獲得入伙紙

Features & Facilities

  • 2 and 3 storey design
  • Dual Frontage
  • Each floor 2 toilets
  • Located in the middle of Jelapang & Silibin.
  • Short distance to the Biggest Terminal in Perak (Terminal Amanjaya)
  • Another business will expand their businees here such like MagicBoo Beauty Chain, Oldtown White Coffee and etc.
  • Suitable for Investment or self running business.
  • Upcoming Econsave hypermarket.
  • Shop facing Econsave
  • 設計: 2層及3層店鋪
  • 前門規格: 雙閘門
  • 最佳坐落位置於九洞與斯里並中央
  • 適合投資或個人經商
  • 店面面向宜康省超級市場

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